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Psalm 126:3 declares, "The LORD has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy." The past year was incredible, and it was all made possible because of you. Your love for God and for people is the fuel for this ministry to deliver the message of hope. Thank you!

Not only do Karen and I have the wonderful privilege of ministering God's Word to you, but because of your faithful prayers and support, God opens the doors for us to reach millions more here in the United States and around the world.

We rejoice with every report of how God's Word is inspiring people to believe, some to receive Christ for the first time, and others who have found renewed hope for a better and brighter future. Through your faithfulness we will continue to reach every home possible with a real message that God cares and that His love is unconditional.

Thank you for giving to help change lives, restore relationships and transform communities and nations for Jesus Christ.

Truly, the Lord has done great things in us and through us! In this new year, God has even greater things for us to do. With your help we will continue to tell the world, "God loves you, He cares and His grace can help you Discover the Champion in You!"

Believing for God's best,



I am truthful and consistent with my tithing. One tenth of my earnings belong to God and with joy and faith I hand it back to Him. Therefore the windows of heaven are open over me. God is involved in my affairs on earth. Mal. 3:1-; Deut. 28:23-24

I enjoy supernatural protection & preservation. God by oath stands between every devourer & me. Jehovah safeguards & secures my ministry, family, children, income, business & all that concerns me. Wasters, blighters & disasters are kept away. Mal. 3:11

Because I tithe, God’s covenant of increase works for me. I walk in divine productivity, prosperity, progress and peace. I am fruitful in every way and a delightful land. My dwelling is of joy, happiness and a good place to live. Mal. 3:12; Deut. 7:12-15

The tithe is holy to the Lord. As I give God this sacred money, I am liberated from poverty, lack and oppression. It is my escape from the harassment of devils, disease, disaster, debt, depression and death. Lev. 27:30

In honor of God, I pay my tithe before bills, budgets & bodily needs. God comes first in my thoughts and actions. I tithe as an act of obedience and I command supernatural restoration, recovery, regeneration, renewal and restfulness. Is. 6:11-13