HELL'S GATES - Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When is the Hell's Gates Outing?

A: Saturday, November 4th


Q: When is the deadline to register?

A: Wednesday, November 1st


Q: Where are the participants meeting?

A: We will meet at Kingdom Builders Covenant Church, November 4th, at 5:00pm.


Q: What is the cost to go?

A: $20.


Q: What's included in the cost?

A: General admission to the show, food and transportation.


Q: When will my child return?

A: We will be arriving back at Kingdom Builders, Saturday, November 4th at 11:30pm.


Q: My child is new to Kingdom Builders, will this event be safe and friendly?

A: For the past few years, Kingdom Builders' Youth Ministry has safely brought the teens to and from Hell's Gates with plenty of chaperones, all trusted and trained in supervising our teenagers throughout the duration from departure, arrival, then back to the point of origin.


Q: Will there be concessions on site?

A: Yes. The host church, Lighthouse Baptist, provides concessions ranging from pizza slices and hot dogs, to chips and candy. If you plan on bringing money for concessions, we'd recommend $10.


If there are any more questions or concerns, please, do not hesitate to email youth@kbcc.tv.